Our Foundation

Our Mission

Promoting educational initiatives and resources, which provide mental health awareness to the community,
on both Local and National levels.


About the Foundation

In 2002, we lost someone very near to our hearts to suicide. Ian was an amazing friend, a beloved son, incredibly smart, funny and handsome. He had countless friends, and anyone who knew him knew how wonderful he was. Unfortunately, he didn’t see any of those qualities within himself. He carried around a deep, dark depression that he never shared, not even with those closest to him. It’s hard to believe that someone this special to so many people is gone, because no one talked enough about the lasting impact of suicide.

Since then, Ian’s family and a great group of friends and loved ones have contributed so much time and energy to bring about awareness – Mental Health awareness, in all its capacity and complexity. We have created the Ian Oliu Foundation, with Ian’s spirit in our hearts. The Foundation has raised money for educational initiatives and resources which support Mental Health awareness in the school aged community.

We are now broadening our scope to include a broader population. Our hope continues to be making a difference while ensuring that Ian’s memory lives on in all our efforts.